INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP - Calibrating Ecological Niche Models

Workshop - Calibrating Ecological Niche Models - Integrating climate-change mediated distributional shifts and phylogenetic frameworks in biodiversity conservation
Date: 27-30 January 2014

Location: Department of Biology, University of the Azores

In a world with a constant changing environment, understanding how these changes can affect species distribution should be a main concern. For this reason this workshop will give some insights on how environmental changes can affect the ecological niche of biological organisms.

The focus of this workshop is to present both theoretical and practical insights in two very promising approaches of ecological niche modelling (ENM).

The target audience are PhD students and researchers with some experience in the habitat-modelling field. Priority will be given to students or researchers based in Portugal, but researchers based in other countries are welcome to apply. There is a maximum of 20 students for this workshop.

The registration fee is 50€.

Applications will be open from December 1st to December 20th.

For more information, go to http://tiny.cc/ENMworkshop or contact Marc Fernandez (marc.fern@gmail.com)

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